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Project Details:

Located along the Delaware River and adjacent to the PA-NJ Turnpike Connector Bridge, Diamond Materials is hard at work on a master-planned industrial park consisting of two warehouse facilities totaling over 1.5M square feet. 


The 117-acre project is repurposing a 1M square-foot, 32 year-old warehouse & its supporting infrastructure, while beneficially reusing & recycling existing onsite materials for the new park.  Bulk earthwork has been a significant undertaking for onsite soil movement and requires over 100K CY of imported material to support elevated grades for the new site, in addition to roughly 2,000 feet of retaining walls along the neighboring NJ Turnpike.


 Environmental constraints have added to the complexity of the project.  Roughly 25 acres of forested land were cleared by Diamond to make way for the new park, while modifications & restoration to an existing 15-acre wetland, installation of a new “constructed wetland” with PVC underlining, along with over 25 bio-basins for storm-water management & wildlife preservation are being constructed as environmental compensation.  Underground utilities to support the new park consist of 185 precast structures, nearly 4 miles of storm sewer & drainage piping, 1.3 miles of sanitary sewer, and over 3 miles of domestic water & fire suppression piping, including an offsite water main extension connecting to the nearest municipal water supply. 


The aging site & its existing sanitary sewer infrastructure also require upgrades via installation of a new sanitary pump station, new sanitary force main and rehabilitation of the existing offsite force main.  With its proximity to the Delaware River, underground construction for much of the utility work requires careful planning & management of shallow groundwater as many utilities are designed below the water table.  As for new roadways to support heavy truck traffic and a bustling industrial park, the project includes over 50K tons of hot mix asphalt (nearly 30 acres of paving), 35K feet of concrete curbing, 36K feet of concrete sidewalks and 350K square feet of concrete loading docks.


 Diamond is currently on track to complete the site-work portion of the this notable project in summer 2023.

Project Details:


1900 River Road



Burlington, NJ