Milling & Paving


In both the public and private sectors, a high percentage of our contractors include paving within the project scope. Diamond Materials also performs paving service for other contractors and is often contracted by owners/developers for paving new sites as well as milling/repaving older sites. 


Our equipment is state-of-the-art, enabling us to meet the toughest standards for quality and ride ability on highway and airport projects. 


Our Delaware Asphalt plant, along with our extensive milling and recycling operations, complement our paving endeavors nicely, adding to the scope of services we can offer. 


Our milling machines are regularly on the job in the Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas. A great deal of their time is dedicated to state, county and local road repaving contracts. We also provide a full range of rental milling machines ranging in size from 2 feet wide  up to and including 14 feet wide.


Milled asphalt is most often used in Recycled Asphalt Products (RAP), in which certain percentages may be mixed with other ingredients to produce new asphalt roadway materials. The percentages used vary from project to project, and are usually specified in the contract documents. Other uses for the millings are sub-base, sometimes enriched with added stone, and as temporary driveways and lay-down areas on site development projects. 

Cold In Place Recycling

Cold in place recycling is designed for roads, streets and parking lots that are falling apart. These areas can be given new life by milling and re-using the existing asphalt surface. adding an emulsion and compacting properly.


Mill off 2 to 6 inches of old asphalt pavement

  • Mixes milled pavement with emulsion
  • Paves in on the roadway
  • Roadway is compacted
  • Followed by an asphalt overlay


Speed-average 2 lane miles per day

  • Reuses existing material
  • Non-intrusive
  • Acts as a strong base
  • Cost
  • Less Environmental Impact