Ted Harvey

Ted Harvey

Project Details

The Ted Harvey Conservation Area is located along the St. Jones River near the Town of Kitts Hummock. Ted Harvey was a State of Delaware job done in order to protect the wetlands from storms and provide hunters access to hunt.

This project included:

Ted Harvey is a coastal impoundment that provides critical habitat for migratory waterfowl, shorebirds and other wildlife. The impoundment has suffered dike breaches and subsidence over the years, and malfunctioning water control structures have resulted in flooding of more than 400 acres of habitat.
The project will restore more than 5,000 feet of dike and replace two malfunctioning water control structures. About 40,000 cubic yards of soil will be added to increase the dike height by 4 feet. The new water control structures are expected improve biodiversity and enhance recreational activities, such as waterfowl hunting.
As Diamond was working on the dike, the water would wash away their progress at nighttime. Diamond had to move the dike on the wetlands and move the water control system. 
They had to be careful with what equipment they used since heavy equipment would sink into the marsh land. 
Diamond had to build the dike as they went along, getting tri-axle dump trucks on a 32' wide road was a challenge as well. 

"I am writing this letter to thank Diamond Materials for their part in making the Ted Harvey Rehabilitation project a success. Diamond Materials displayed the level of professionalism that was needed on this type of job. Your team overcame any challenges that were presented, and together we were able to make a seemingly difficult project seem easy."
Jeremey Ashe
Division of Fish & Wildlife Construction Manager

Construction Duration

Spring 2018 - Summer 2018

Construction Location

Kitts Hummock, DE

Job Size

$ 1.2 Million