South Wilmington Wetland Park

South Wilmington Wetlands Project

Project Details:

The purpose of the 14-acre wetland park in South Wilmington is to create a stormwater management facility, restore and enhance existing wetlands, and create a new park for the community.

The South Wilmington Wetlands Park will also increase local walkability and recreational opportunities. The most prominent design feature of the site is a wide, ADA accessible boardwalk/on grade pathway through the heart of the park. This pathway will function as a recreational opportunity for local residents as well as visitors that will also allow the Southbridge community to access nearby jobs and retail shopping. The South Wilmington Wetlands Park will provide flood relief to Wilmington's historic Southbridge neighborhood and clean up one of the largest brownfields in the City. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, a brownfield is a property that may have hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants present. Building the Wetlands Park will require the removal of contaminated soil which was dumped into the marsh over the past hundred years. BrightFields, Inc. Environmental Services is working with the City to ensure that the park will be safe for people to enjoy and a place where fish, birds, and wildlife can safely live.

April - May 2020 Update: Diamond is currently setting manhole seven in A street and starting waterline relocation in A street on Monday, May 4th. We are setting handrail posts on segment six and planting and seeding phase 2. Breslin is finishing helical piles in the weir wall and form work will begin this week! Topsoil is also in Phase2.

On Thursday, March 26th Diamond Materials was pouring a vault on A Street in Wilmington, DE to defer waste water around existing utilities which include (gas, sewer and electrical duct bank). This is a part of our Wilmington Wetlands job. Keep up the great work Roger Loucks, Eric Morlino, Fred Herron and crews! Check out this video below!

Construction Duration

July 2019

Construction Location

South Wilmington, DE

Job Size