Willow Grove

Willow Grove Road

Project Details

Willow Grove road was a DELDOT project to remove and replace the existing concrete roadway in Willow Grove, Delaware.

This project included:


  • Shutting down and detouring traffic off Willow Grove Road
  • Rubblization of the existing PCC Roadway
  • Excavation and GABC subgrade
  • Full depth of 10″  PCC pavement

3,600 CY of concrete was placed 

  • This project faced the unique challenge of not having a central mix plant located nearby. Diamond Materials off loaded mixer trucks into tri-axle dumps so the concrete could be off loaded into a material placer
"The replacement of a concrete roadway presents many challenges due to the product’s life cycle and properties that will allow history to lay dormant and not show the subgrade or existing constraints until work begins. This would be the case with the concrete replacement on Willow Grove Road, and this is also how a company such as Diamond Materials, LLC adapted to the site needs to complete a final product that all parties can appreciate. I would like to extend a thank you to all of Diamond’s site and office employees, Century Engineering inspection staff and the Department’s many specialists for the assistance throughout the project. It takes a team to create, construct and implement a DOT project and Diamond Materials is a team player."
James Osborne

Design Support Engineer, DELDOT

Construction Duration

Fall 2018

Construction Location

Willow Grove, Delaware

Job Size

$ 1.3 Million